Reinventing Reality: The Science of Virtual & Augmented Reality


Virtual Science Center creates blockbuster, traveling museum exhibits that measurably increase kids’ interest in science, technology, engineering and math.

Virtual Science Center exists to bring inquiry-based, emerging technology experiences to students outside the classroom.



STEM proficiency is essential for creating a better world, but traditional STEM education is not enough.

Virtual Science Center's goal is to be a driving force for STEM education — grabbing visitors' attention and inspiring future technologists with compelling, hands-on learning experiences.




"Well, of course, kids want to learn about that. [Virtual Reality]."

Leah, 14


"I thought I’d just watch some movies or play games with it [VR], but then...this exhibit showed me how it works.”

Mia, 12


"There is a lot of technology packed into this little tiny thing!"

Dan, 13